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General rules for [Immortal]Members

These are the rules for you who are a member of [Immortal]. Read them and respect them, don't break them. 

  • Show respect to other players and clans.
  • Xfire is required.
  • Dont insult on other clans guestbook. (Unless defending yourself or Immortal)
  • As [Immortal] member you are not allowed to glitch, hack or use force in servers unless it is clearly stated that it's ok in that server. This means that no matter what other people do, you follow the rules of the server!
  • Dont cheat using a trainer
  • No swearing on Ours, or Others guestbooks. This will only lead to conflict.
  • No Multiclanning Allowed with another 1.0 clan.
  • Dont flame or offend others in wars
  • All members must add the 3 Lords on xfire: The xfires are: crazzyhorse14, jojobig, jamesha
  • Obey the rules, they are final and not open for discussion.

Recruiting rules for [Immortal] members.

These are the rules for whom can recruit and how:

  • No recruiting in other clans servers, unless it is allowed there.
  • Only council members are allowed to recruit.
  • New recruits must be told to read this page. ALWAYS remember to tell them that!!
  • The recruiter must post in the guestbook the name and xfire of the recruited member.
  • The recruiter must make sure that the recruited member posts something in the guestbook.
  • The recruiter must make sure that the recruited member has xfire.

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