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LordBane Joined Immortal many months ago, He impressed the leaders of the time, with his skillz with a lightsaber. Most impressively, was his diplomatic and mature approach towards all walks of life. He quickly became the Jedi squad leader, teaching all as he went on. A powerful warrior, who very easily made his way up to a leader title, in place of Chimaera before him, Bane was a truly honourable figure of authority. He earned the respect and loyalty of his soldiers, and he showed great leadership ability, just as much as the Masters he fought alongside. He has created a legend that to some may be unknown, but to those who knew him, his legends will live on for a very long time. Bane was an undeniable hero for Immortal. He was much needed in times of decay, but sadly his leave was during a very difficult period for the Immortal Clan, and his loss only made it ever more difficult. Bane was most known for his legendary duelling skills with a blade, that allowed him to practically dominate the Jedi Assault World of Battlefront 2, and made him such an honourable leader that the other Masters hoped he would be when he was nominated. We will never forget you Bane. We have known you since this clan was premature and we can recall fighting along side you with our fellow friends much time ago. You were trustworthy, honourable, and you were a third of the true leadership within this great clan. Although your membership is gone, you are not.  May your dreams and destinies be fulfilled, may all your life’s goals be reachable, and may you thrive on the knowledge that we will all remember you, miss you, and be thinking of you, for you are still a great leader, and although a new leader may take your place, you are irreplaceable.

PS: Loyal says… ‘I will miss you dear friend. To us all you were a master, but to me, you were much more, because I keep my word when I say my loyalty is infinite, and therefore I will still be your humble servant after you resignation and greet you with the respect you have earned. I will always be in touch, and even after your resignation I shall kneel to you and think highly of you. Bye Bane, my dear friend. You leave makes me tearful.

PS: LordCiyrus says.. "Goodbye my friend, I know why you had to leave us, and i truely understand the reasoning. May good fortune follow you where-ever you may go. You are a great person, a respected figurehead within this clan, and many others. You have touched us dearly, and we shall never forget you."

Please post any comments about our former Leader below. I hope that LordBane will check in sometime to read them. Thanks guys.

[Immortal]Underdog  (Ex Space.Sqd.Ldr)

Underdog was indeed a great political figure within Immortal, and was respected greatly by the members of this clan. It is very rare to find such a mature individual for his tender young years. He joined Immortal during the troubled times of May 2007, when Shaokahn was still around. As former leader of Clan (darkness), Underdog already possessed great fighting skillz, in any map or mode. Immortal was growing fast thanks to Underdogs influence within the game. He was indeed a natural born leader of men.

He quickly became the first ever Space Squad Leader, proving his skillz yet again within this game, and aided in the training of new recruits and members alike. Sadly though, after a few months, Underdog wasn't able to make it to many arranged wars, his studies were taking their toll on the game. (You try learning Japanesse!!!)

To help the clan further, Underdog decided to resign his position as Space Squad leader, however he would still stay in the clan and help in any matters when he could. But, he slowly started to play the game less and less. Even with Underdogs skillz, he asked not to be selected for many wars. His Inactivity was becoming too much of a risk, and his studies were the priority. So more active members were chosen instead.

Towards the end of November, Underdog came back on-line and joined many servers, he still had the legendary skills in shoot, and was immediately picked for wars, however the opposing clan never showed up, twice in a row, and Underdog never managed to show his true skillz (that the Leaders already knew about) to the new members. However he did join many of our training servers.

This was a short lived comeback though, and he never really got to play in wars for Immortal, a bad combination of timing and studying put an end to that. We have always stated that studies and personnel life come first, So, sadly, on the 27th Feb 2008, we recieved this post.

Attention: I am announcing my complete departure of Immortal. I havn't got the time anymore, which you have noticed, so I am leaving. Do not worry about me joining other clans, since that is something that will never happen. Good luck in the future, and maybe, just maybe, we'll meet again in the third game. @Ciyrus: Good bye, dear friend, and keep the candles of Immortal flaming forever. @Hylian: May victory lie infront of you, such as the leaves infront of a tree in autumn. @Cerberus: Keep your head high, since your one of the strongest, but take care of the newcomers. @Loyal: Draw forward many victories for Immortal, dear friend, for your country. @Servz: Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies. @Mar: Your qualities are those of a king, yet kings often start of as knights. @Skywalker: Be brave, since braveness is often the mos aknowledged thing in history. @Kagi, wherever you are: Experience is the teacher of all things, and that's what you posess. My last words as an Immortal are: "Remember that the fate of one lies upon all, and when times are dread, fate can be defeated." // Underdog, a.k.a ---{13}---

His farewell speach really says it all, for such a young man, he has the understanding and knowledge of someone much older than him. He will be greatly missed in Immortal, Only a few of us older members will truely know what he was like. We shall keep you on x-fire my friend, just incase you wish to enjoy a game with us in a PW server again.

Goodbye my dear friend.

Please post any comments about our former member below. I hope that Underdog will check in sometime to read them. Thanks guys.

[Immortal]=Shark=  (Council member)

Not many knew Shark that well, but most knew that he was a fierce fighter. He could really pwn and more often then not, he was a key player on the battlefield. Not only was he a great shooter, he also could hold his own in both space and hero-assault, something few can do. Sadly his talents wasn't always noticed which led to him leaving for a short while.

However, he returned soon again, something that was greatly appriciated and not long after he became a member of [Immortal]s council. He was now considered a core member. Vital to the clan due to his skills.

He was at the time of his leave one of the clans oldest members and he'll be truly missed by those of us who knew what skills he possessed. He made [Immortal] a better clan and helped it be a winner in battles.

PS: LordZephyron says.. "You ment alot to [Immortal], perhaps more then you knew. I hope to one day see you again. Per aspera ad astra... Shark..."

Please post any comments about our former member below. I hope that Shark will check in sometime to read them. Thanks guys.

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[Immortal]LordHylian[Leader] (Founder)

Hylian, to many of our newer members perhaps mostly known as the clans founder. Know this, Hylian was much much more than that.

Hylian came, with a friend, from one of the games most known clans, together they planned to create a new clan better than all others, both in terms of skill and friendship. During the stormy first month he lost his old "friend” but, he had in return started what something that was well worth it. [Immortal] had been created by Hylian and glory laid at its feet.

His skills as a player is just one of the many reasons as to why Hylian is an [Immortal] legend, known and respected throughout the swbf2-gaming community. The clans greatest in shoot, one of our strongest in assault and only beaten by one of us in space made him [Immortal]s fearsest fighter. The man could pwn most and under pretty much any circumstances.

As a leader he aspired for perfection. The mistake many other clans leaders does is that they either just tell the clan what to do or they let the members do pretty much as they wish. A leader should do neither, a leader should lead the clan. Hylian knew this and did so accordingly. For 2 years he kept the clan running making it bigger, better and stronger, all the while keeping it a fun clan. Hylian was a leader in it’s true sense.

After almost 2 years as leader of one of the most successful clans he decided, as the clan was merging with another one, that his time to say goodbye had come. He had done what he set out to do and now new things required his attention.

Hylian, nothing and noone is as much [Immortal] as he. What ever is left after he's gone can never quite compare to when he was around. All that can be done is to honour him by trying to do our best, doing what is best for [Immortal]...

PS: LordZephyron says.. "My recruiter, my fellow leader, my friend… You brought me into the "clan world”, something many tried but only you succeeded with. I’ve had a great time leading this clan together with you, and especially playing with you. Perhaps we’ll do it again sometime in the future. Per aspera ad astra… my friend…

Please post any comments about our former Leader below. I hope that LordHylian will check in sometime to read them. Thanks guys.

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Zephyron was everything a leader needed to be. He was skilled on the battlefeild, smart at making decisions, and good at settling down the clan if there were any arguments going on. Almost everyone knew the name Zephyron, and when you were fighting him on the battlefeild, you knew that you didn't stand a chance. But skill was not all Zephyron had. He was also one of the nicest people to be around, and he would almost never get angry. However, he was still good at keeping [Immortal] in order. He could stop arguments without getting mad, one of the many things that made zephyron such an excellant leader.

Zephyron was one of the greatest leaders [Immortal] ever had. Sometimes, when Ciyrus and Hylian were inactive for the time, Zephyron would basically run the clan all by himself, and he did a magnificent job at it too. He was also leader for a very long time. Zephyron was one of the people that got [Immortal] to be one of the top clans in swbf2.
When firefly stepped down from his leader position, Zephyron was picked to replace him. Although he was somewhat new, zephyron quickly showed that he was the right choice. He was, perhaps, the most active leader immortal has ever had. He worked tirelessly on the site and kept immortal going through hard times. Then, around December of 2009, Zephyron had an idea. He believed that Immortal should merge with its closest ally TKF, therefore creating a much more powerful, active, and friendly clan. He presented this idea to the other leaders of [Immortal] as well as the leaders of TKF, and his plan was accepted.
After the new clan, Infinite, split back up, Zephyron decided to go a different path and not rejoin [Immortal]. With these final words to [Immortal] and it's members he left.

"There isn't a good beginning to what I am about to say so I will just say it. My friends, the time has come, it's time for me and [Immortal] to go seperate ways. Long have I been {Immortal], long have I lead it, protected it, guided it and served it. Long has it been my home, my shelter, my path and my destiny, long has [Immortal] been me. Thats how its been, just as I ment it to be when I once wrote "The Code of Lords". I always said that I would stay forever, that I would be the very last [Immortal]. I always intended for it to be so and therefor done only what I think has been best for it. Although I now leave, I will in heart and spirit still be that which to me is [Immortal]. I have tried to show you my vision of [Immortal], a clan not only based on members with great skill and with many victorious wars but also a clan based on friendship, on loyalty to eachother, and above all on fun. Fun, that I think is the word that most people in this game has forgotten, forgotten the meaning of. It can still be found within [Immortal], granted it sometimes can be hard to do so, but trust me, it's there. To the remaining leaders I can only ask that you keep this great clan going, it has been a great honour serving alongside you. To the ones taking my place as leaders in the future, stay true to [Immortal], honour "The Code of Lords" and you will find your way. Remember that the clan is nothing without its members. To the members of [Immortal], I thank you all for your friendship. I shall not forget you and all the fun we had. I do not say goodbye since this is not a goodbye... I'll still watch over you and one day I might return... I leave you all with the very words that for so long have guided me in the hope that it will continue to guide you all... Per aspera ad astra, [Immortal]..."

He still plays swbf2 and lurks on the site. You may see him on xfire under the name Forever#Zeph.
Words are not enough to describe what Zephyron ment to [Immortal]. He was not only a leader, he was guardian, a protector, to most of us a father figure, but most of all he was a friend you could always rely on. [Immortal] certainly would not have been the same without someone like Zephyron in charge. There really can be no replacement for Zephyron, for maybe only Ciyrus and Hylian can compete with his excellence in leading this great clan. It really is sad to see him leave this clan, but Zephyron's mark on [Immortal] shall remain forever, his legacy never forgotten.

Maybe someday, Zephyron's time to rejoin will come. We will wait and see.

P.S: LordHydra says.. " Zeph, I cannot say enough about what you meant to me, as a leader and friend. You continue to be my role model, and I strive to someday be like you. You always said this to others, but the time has come for it to be said about you: Per aspera ad astra, Zephyron."

Please post any comments about our former Leader below. I hope that LordZephyron will check in sometime to read them. Thanks guys.





If you could pick any word to describe Roran, it would have to be friend. Because thats what Roran was, a friend. He was always there if you needed advice, help with something, or just wanted a friendly chat. Roran seemed to take the word friendship to a higher level, something that few could achieve. But if you thought Roran only posessed friendship, you would be sorely mistaken. Roran was also an excellent fighter, and was certainly feared on the battlefield, for he was skilled with almost all troopers in the game and was someone you would want at your side during a war.

Roran joined [Immortal] (Under the name D4v3) in July of 2008. When the merge with TKF was accepted, Roran decided he would not join the new clan, but when the merge failed and [Immortal] was trying to rebuild, Roran saw it as a chance to put his talents to good use, and so he rejoined [Immortal]. When the time to choose the new leaders came, Skywalker was chosen first. He then chose D4v3 to be another leader. Roran was an obvious choice, for he had the skills necessary to be a good leader. He put those skills to use as he began the difficult task of rebuilding [Immortal] after the merge. Roran gave [Immortal] everything he had, and it certainly paid off. He made countless updates to the site, recruited many members, but what he may have been best at was solving disputes without any real damage. Unfortunately, he had to leave the clan to focus on real life. He sometimes drops by with a nice post, and you may see him on xfire as D4V3 in the Cave. It surely was sad to see him leave after all the work he put into [Immortal], but his efforts can never be forgotten. We wish him the best of luck in all future endeavours.

It is safe to say that [Immortal] would probably not be here today without the efforts of Roran. [Immortal] was almost dead when he started, but when he finished it almost looked like it did before the merge. Roran's leadership skills rival even that of the legendary Hylian, Zephyron, and Ciyrus, for not many could have led the clan the way Roran did. He was one that made this clan truely [Immortal].

P.S. LordHydra says.. " I couldnt have done it without you, Roran, and im truely sad to see you leave. But know that your efforts will not be forgotten, and your work has not gone in vein. I wish you the best of luck in whatever the world has in store for you, and I'm sure you will triumph over all problems, just the way you did in [Immortal].

Please post any comments about our former member below. I hope that Roran will check in sometime to read them. Thanks guys.
Zarock was, in many ways, a perfect choice for leader. He could, and would, do everything a clan could possibly need. His skills on the battlefield were some of the best immortal has ever seen. However, his excellence in leading the clan stretched far beyond just playing well in the game. He also paid for a server, created and updated our new site, and got a teamspeak server. His carefree attitude towards the game, along with his desire to make immortal the greatest, led Zarock to become the best of the best.
Zarock was one of Immortal's oldest and most respected members when he was chosen to become leader after Hydra stepped down. By that time he had already created the new site used now and had a ts server, making him an obvious choice.Even so, he did a better job then anyone could possibly have expected. His efforts allowed Immortal to grow at an unheard of pace. Although battlefront, and 1.1 in particular, was shrinking due to its old age, Immortal continued to grow during the time of Zarock's reign.
During Zarock's reign, there was a lot of confusion about the leader situation in Immortal. The great Ciyrus claimed he was too inactive to continue his role as leader, and Skywalker was inactive for most of the time. This left Zarock in charge, and he did not disappoint. His efforts allowed Immortal to survive in difficult times and to thrive when things were going well.
All good things must come to an end, and after many months, Zarock decided it was time for him to step down and leave the clan. With these last words he left Immortal, leaving behind a legacy that will inspire future members towards greatness:
"Hello everyone, I'm sorry to say this, but I'm leaving Immortal. I just want to take a break from leading a clan, and I know if I would just step down from my leader position that I would still feel the need to lead this clan. Crazzyhorse will replace me as leader, and I'm sure he'll do a good job.
There really isn't much more to say.. I'll be on xfire if you wanna talk and I'll hop in teamspeak sometimes ^^. Have fun and good luck."
Zarock was one of the few people who could truely show what it meant to be Immortal. His belief in the clan propelled him forward, and his natural leading ability made him perfect for leading this clan. Although he has left the clan, his image remains through the work he did. Every times you use the new site or read news articles, you will remember Zarock and how much he helped this clan. That is something that very few are able to achieve, and that is why Zarock will always be remembered as one of the greatest Immortals to ever play the game.
P.S. Hydra says.. "I remember when I stepped down I felt a little regret and i wondered if maybe the decision would lead to something bad. Luckily, once u stepped in, I was reassured that Immortal would certainly prosper in your hands. You did a better job than I could have, and I commend you for always being active and by putting Immortal first, even when you had 1.1 clans or esl. I hope one day you will return to us, and allow Immortal to benefit from your talents as before".

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