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On 5th march of 2010 the 1.0 clan {MG-12} became an [Immortal] Division and was disbanned in July 2010. The remaining members joined [Immortal]. This is a memorial written by their leader, Tommo.


What sprang to mind when it was younger was a lot of enjoyment from a fun - although slightly bad game, but I didn't really notice at the time. And plenty of nice members.  And a nice community.  Not to mention a hell of a lot of laughs. Started by me and the absolute computer legend Xterminator.   Definitely the guy who made the biggest difference for MG-12.

Now it's a shell and although we've still got a few active and nice members, we've decided to disband.  After over 2 years of laughs, arguments with E+G over fun wars and listening to everybody complaining about my lag-crap servers.

 But before we disappear, I thought I'd drag it all out with a memorial page - but hopefully I'll half hold your attention and appreciate my ol' clan.

There have been plenty of members to have passed through - Shanov, SG, Raven (The swedes, basically :P), Dovy (the epic mood changer), Mandalore (The scottish 24yr old legend) and countless other awesome members and i think those few who left deserve a bit of recognition for their contribution.  What I'm trying to say is it wouldnt have been the same without any MG-12 members or slightly closer other-clan people

Right, now, I'd just like to say a massive thanks to Immortal for housing us as a division and trying to help us in all ways possible - not to mention all the good fun wars and all'a that stuff we've had with ya.  Secondly, to Darkness. Your legends. To me, I think we've had the best relationship with this clan through all the fun wars and arguments in ma crap servers.  From when Kaboom first started shouting how laggy it was to when Vader gave me advice I needed.

For that I hold these two clans in the highest respect.  Even E+G - I think most of you are bastards but the game wouldn't have been the same without - I think, can I bring myself to say it... I think you're pretty respectable (:P).

So, thank you to all people who have ever put up with my servers, played against us and made the experience more enjoyable. I've learnt a lot, and I hope other clans keep going strong.


AgentX has written a small speech that seems to make mine look even worse, but here it is and I hope you see what it's done for some members


Hey guys, your friendly neighbourhood author and artist here ( that's agent to you ).In my time with this clan, I have learned much.  About life, friendship, commitment, campers and the power of lag shots.

I was just another player ( albeit an extremely dashing and smart one) in a multimedia propaganda multiplayer online game, until one fine day, when I met a player named knightfall, and his friend chainsaw.  They said I played well, and invited me to be a part of a clan.  A clan named, manipulation group twelve.  I accepted, and never looked back.  Never had to.

I wasn't the best player.  In fact, I was terrible, with my horrible Indian modem speeds and awe inspiring lag shield.  But not once did I hear anyone speak ill.  I wasn't kept around because I won the most clan wars, or because I spent the most money for the site.  I was kept around ( so to speak ) because I had become a part of this clan.  This family.  Filling that hole that no one else could.  Ive seen fights erupt, members leave, spammers get owned.  I have witnessed lives broken, love lost, and so many hours of work wasted.

I remember when so many of us were leaving.  Kick-started by storms ( hey boss :D ) departure.  I myself decided to leave( it was still early days then ) , but I found myself drawn back.  I wasn't gonna quit this time. Something made me continue, and that something, is all of you.


You.  Great gamers, good friends, mad writers , furry animals, game modders and masterfull mastermind.


This was more than just a clan.  It was a family of sorts.  And  I will miss that.


Its not about the game.  It never is.  Its about meeting people.  Having a great time.  Learning about life, and teaching in turn.


I may not be the most contributive member, or the most active one, but I understand, and uphold what we stood for.


Friendship.  Professionalism.  Truth.  Skill.


So there's Agent's speech :P    

Now, there are a few people that I don't really know where to fit them in and they weren't/aren't in the clan so I'll just put them in below


Commando Rob - you brought me in to the gaming community, for that you deserve to be up top - even if you were a crap leader :P

Jubby Jub/Dex/Chris/whatever the fuck you call yourself now :P - For when you were in the clan, bringing a really random feel to the game o.O

Piru/Silent Hunter - you kind of always stood up for us and to be honest I don't really know why, but for that you have a huge thanks

Zarock & (Darkness)Vader - You two have been the leaders of the two clans that helped us most, and individually you've helped me out wherever possible and it was good whilst it lastest

Tzulan - you're just a legend

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