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The Council is a part of the history of [Immortal]. Only the most trusted members get the chance to be part of it.

Before [Immortal] merged with =]TKF[= to form the clan .:]Infinite[:. the council had the task to bring ideas for the leaders. But it didnt have much
power when it came to making decisions concerning the clan. But after the project .:]Infinite[:. failed, [Immortal] was on the ground and had not much
 hope to survive. The old, experienced leaders didnt come back so the council did much work instead.
This helped [Immortal] to get back and made the council more powerful. Since then all important decisions are discussed in the council.

The Council used to have 11 council members, but this has been recently changed. The Council now haw 3 members + the leaders. We hope this will improve the speed of making decisions.

Current Council Members:

 [Immortal]LordSlaughter  [Immortal]LordZarock [Immortal]LordWhitehawk
[Immortal]galacticfear [Immortal]Crysis

How do I become a council member?
The answer to this question is really simple. First of all don't expect us to promote you to council member when you just joined. You need to be in the clan for quite a while, activily. So just enjoy our servers and trainings, and don't be shy to talk to your leaders and fellow clan members.

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