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Server Details


  • Listen to Immortal members that you meet in.
  • No glitching/hacking/spamming.
  • Do not insult people too often.
  • Be nice, and if you see someone skilled, don't mind asking his/her xfire.
  • Other clans are NOT allowed to recruit in our server.
  • If you need the server being set up for a funwar or inhouse war, contact Slaughter, Broesel or Zarock, their xfires are: jojobig, breosel and jamesha.
  • Do not ask for the admin password if you are not in the xfire admin clan.
  • If you need someone booted/banned, ask an admin.
  • Enjoy the server.

Admin Commands

  • /admin /login adminpw
  • /admin /players
  • /admin /boot 8                       (8 = number of a specific player, you can see the player numbers with the command /players)
  • /admin /ban 8 1                      (1 = the amount of hours the player will be banned, don't fill in a number for permanent ban)
  • /admin /endgame
  • /admin /addmap dea1g_1flag    (dea1g_1flag = death star galactic civil war, 1 flat CTF)
  • /admin /dropmap dea1g_1flag
  • /admin /adminpw lol                (this will change the current admin password to lol)
  • /admin /say hey all 
  • /admin /shutdown


No pw

How to get Teamspeak3?

Download teamspeak here.

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