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Immortal History

This Starwars Battlefront 2 Clan began on 22-03-2007 by two people, Kagi and Raith. Both of whom, were members of the clan (darkness). Kagi was a leader, and Raith was a high ranking player. It was after a clan battle with CWC (Clan Wars Clan) that these two members became dis-enchanted with the (darkness) set-up. Thet decided to form a new clan called [Immortal]. This new clan would play all kinds of battlefront 2 maps and modes. Not JUST the Jedi assault like it's predacessor.
Within a week, this new clan was growing fast. Strong freelance players were joining, as were other former members of (darkness), with these new mémbers [Immortal] soon became a clan with limitless possibilities, and endless potential. All recruits were to be trained in shooting by Kagi, and assault by Raith. (if needed offcourse)  However, after two weeks of training, Kagi made a terrible mistake during a training server, and lost the trust and respect of many members. Delta 1, Emrac, Eagle-eye, Hamster, cyberman and Lince left the clan without a second thought. Trust and Respect has to be earned, a Vital and Harsh lesson for [Immortal]. Out of desperation, Kagi resigned as leader, and left [Immortal]. This was a crushing blow, the clan lost 10 members and a leader within a single day. The clan was then solely led by [Immortal]Raith

After a coulple of days former members of immortal who joined darkness, returned, due to all the hate within that clan. Most of our old strong members rejoined [Immortal] including Delta 1, Eagle-eye, Hamster and Cyberman, as did our old leader [Immortal]Kagi. With the former leader back, it was decided that the clan would make a fresh start. The two leaders decided to take on new names. [Immortal]LordHylian  (Formally Raith) and [Immortal]LordTyranic (Formally Kagi). They both, were to lead this renewed clan and, rebuild it better than before. The 1 Month Anniversary was fast approaching, and the clan had gone through a few changes. [Immortal]Hamster became [Immortal]LordCiyrus, and was appointed Leader, he was to train people in Space Assault. Now with THREE Leaders (whom all specialise in various types of battles), This Clan showed all the makings of being one of the strongest, friendliest clans that BF2 may ever see.After 3 months when [Immortal] started [Immortal]LordTyranic[Leader] gave up on the clan, stating that the clan was a wreck and could never survive. So he decided to return to his former clan (darkness).  With Tyranic gone yet again (Third time now), Immortal needed to find a new Leader, a trusted Leader, a strong Leader.  After much discussion, LordHylian and LordCiyrus approached Chimaera (Formally Eagle_Eye), and offered him the Leadership position. After much discussions, Chimeara became [Immortal]LordChimaera[Leader] Now with this appointment, a few changes had been made within the clan structure. Gone are the ways of the old, Gone are the 3 Different Squads. [Immortal] has gone back to basics, back to it's roots. Allowing us to Grow unlike ever before.

It is now the month of July, and [Immortal] is still going strong, Alliances have been formed with many strong clans. One clan in perticular CIC (Combat Intermational Clan) even has a web page devoted to [Immortal]. This goes to prove, that we, as a clan, can survive. Not only that, but it shows that [Immortal] is by far, one of the most respected and friendliest clans within the Battlefront Domain..., and far from being a wreck.. We have now incorporated medals into our clan. there is a total of 57 medals to be won for our members. Each one has there own special meaning. The Month of September has now passed, and again a few changes have happened. Due to University, LordChimaera has stepped down from being a leader, But remains in the clan. The New Assault leader is now [Immortal]LordBane. He has made improvements to the site, by adding an Assault Team strategy page. LordBane also has a server up 24 - 7.

Our former leader LordTyranic, has returned to us. After much soul searching, he has realised that we are truely an Immortal clan. It is now the beginning of November. Yet again Kagi has decided to leave, making it the fourth time now. In doing so, he has caused a few disruptions. However, seeing as we are [Immortal] the leaders were able to address any issues concerning this clan.  LordBane has resignedhis position as Leader, and left the game for good (Due to a Busy and Hectic Lifestyle), and shall chase his dreams within the real world. We wish him the best of luck. His accomplishments include creating the Hall of Fame and the Jedi Squads Tips page. He will be sorely missed by all. As too will Cerberus, who has left the clan also. Both of these great former members have forever been made Immortal in the Hall of Fame. To our former comrades, we shall miss you both dearly, but we shall never forget you.  In light of these departures, we needed to find a new Leader. After much deliberation, Lords Ciyrus and Hylian turned to Firefly. After a small discussion, Firefly accepted the position of Leader, and now has become an Immortal Lord. We shall continue to Battle fellow clans on friendly terms, and we shall forever make our names [Immortal]

We have now gone Global, A new entity of Immortal is now up and running in the good ol' US of A. They are to be lead by 3 new Immortal Lords called LordJourney, LordBoomx, and LordPlague. They are newly formed, and are still working on there own site. They are now heavily recruiting new members, which should not be a problem for them, seeing as they are all well known through-out the gaming domain as being highly experienced, and skilled in all forms of Combat. This is History in the making, as no other clan in Battlefront II has ever tried this.

The Year is now 2008, we have at the receiving end of many spam attacks, this was the at pinicle of Immortal evolution. We searched hard to find a solution to these horrific attacks. Eventually we found a way to block people from viewing this site (Immortal was the first freewebs clan to do this). All these spammers were redirected to everytime that they tried to visit the [Immortal] site. Because we are a fair clan, and because we noticed that a few of our allies were also at the receiving end of these distasteful attacks. we decided to share our secret of how to stop these attacks. Thus our legacy became greater than all these other clans that we consider not to be friendly.

The month is now April 2008, and Immortal has taken the next step. We have bought a dedicated server. This server will be open to all in the gaming community. However we have decided on a few rules to this server, and these will be adhered to, failure to do so will result in a banning of our hospitality. [Immortal] is growing bigger than most clans out there, and we are very proud to say that we have come further than all other clans. All but one. (so far)

After much personal selfless thought, LordFirefly decided to step down as Leader, he believed that another member of Immortal was better suited, thus Immortal Erik became Leader, and in doing so changed his name to [Immortal]LordZephyron[Leader]. During his short time with in the Clan as Leader, he has made some vast and radical changes to this site, other sites, and has stepped up as a Diplomatic voice and figurehead for this great clan. He is also without a doubt the best Space pilot that Immortal has ever seen. LordZephyron has indeed become a Legend within is his own right.

We've now entered the month of July, summer is here and alot has happened. The divisions [Immortal]US and {AID} have been "frozen" but soon after that the clan (COI) join [Immortal] as a division in its own. These new members are skilled players and good people. [Immortal] is now stronger then ever before and our dedicated server is very popular and well known through out the swbf2 world. Infact, our move has led to many of our allies also buying a server. ^^

Tragedy.. A short time after Firefly stepped down from his leader position, he decided it was time for him to leave. A great loss no doubt but more would come.. The end of June/beginning of July, Devil_Jin´and Thunder left for our ally ArrowsAway, shortly after that Brosel had to leave due to RL, and shortly after that LordCiyrus announced that he had to leave the clan because of RL, but he promised to return as fast as possible. We've now lost one leader, one ex-leader and 3 of our best elite members in a short time. Even with these losses, LordHylian and LordZephyron fears not for the future of the clan. We have gained some new strong players (like Ace and Firestorm from E+G) during this time, among them an ex-leader and founder of the clan, LordTyranic under his old name Kagi, so [Immortal] is still going strong. A few days after LordCiyrus left things looked better again and he could return, making the trio complete.

The joy over Ciyrus return didn't last long. After a week or so he informed Zephyron and Hylian that he had to resign as leader, but he would stay in the clan. Bad news indeed but to make things a bit brighter an old leader, Firefly, and 2 elite members, Devil_Jin and Thunder, returned. Chosing a new leader was now needed. Hylian and Zephyron felt that there where 2 candidates, old leader/founder Kagi and old elite member Cerberus who always stayed loyal and true to [Immortal]. It was decided that they would be tested for one month meaning under that period there would only be 2 lords. After one week though, Kagi showed how much he had grown as a person (we thought, but he was only planing to betray [Immortal] and leave it) when he declared that he stepped aside and felt that Cerberus should be the next leader. It was decided so and as we reached the end of July 2008, [Immortal] now had its 8th leader, the brother of old lord Chimaera, LordCerberus.

Summer is now almost over and we've entered the month of September. It's been a period of goo things, to start with Ciyrus who still was in the clan started to be more active again. As a result he was re-appointed leader, making it four leaders for the time being. We also gained a new division, [NEO]. [NEO] was an old dead clan, now brought back by it's former leaders. New members have joined [Immortal] and we've now taken a break in accepting more, but since both (COI) and [NEO] are recruiting, there are still ways to become a part of this great clan. As icing on the cake, Broesel has returned to us. These are good times indeed...

Cerberus stepped down from his leader position, because Ciyrus was back again. He saw it as better to have the old trio again. A new position within the clan has been made, the clan organizer. Broesel and Cerberus were appointed for this position. They help out with all sort of stuff within the clan and they help the members when needed. Hylian started playin WoW. Because of this he became less active at BFII

[Immortal] has entered a new tournament, the CTF championship. Broesel is in command of the team of [Immortal] for this tournament. This CTF tournament, organised by TKF started a few weeks before christmas. 2 matches have been played: 1 victory and 1 draw (tough enemy pulled out of tournament). Chrsitmas holidays have started and no other match has been played in the tournament anymore. TKF has got some problems and because of that the rest of the tournament will be delayed.

There is a new rule about wars in [Immortal]. Insulting in normal chat has been forbidden, because it spoils the fun to both teams. [Immortal] members will have to ignore the insults from the other clan. If ithe insulting gets too badly the members can cancel the war, because the insults of the other team take away all fun.

The inhouse-wars are ready to start. At last all rules are made, the site is ready, the differnet ladders are ready and the teams are being made. These inhouse-wars are meant for training for the members and to make a bond between members. Zephyron has the lead over the inhouse-wars and he is busy finishing the last preparations so the inhouse-wars can start.

January 2009, it had been a couple of long months with, as usual, ups and downs. Clan was still going strong and we've had many wars/funwars and as a result victories. However new times were coming. For long both Hylian and Ciyrus hadn't been that active and while Ciyrus now where more active again an idea had sparked Zephyrons mind. He wanted to merge [Immortal] with the clan =[TKF]=. He presented the idea to both Hylian & Ciyrus and the leaders of =[TKF]=. After some talk between the clans the idea was accepted. In the beginning of february 2009 the plans were presented to the members of both clans. Not all were happy about it but after some time people came to terms with it and the new clan .:]Infinite[:. was created.. This marked the end of an era that started with just a handfull of people 2 years ago, an eternity for most clans. [Immortal] was at its end one of the games oldest clans, one of the biggest, one of the most known, one of the strongest. Yet this doesn't mark the end of a great clan. The idea and the dream that was [Immortal] still lives on within everyone who experienced it. Many are those who wore the tag of [Immortal], and many are those who now never will get a chance to do so. What is certain is that those who did, they, and only they, knows that it was more then just a tag. As long as they remember it, [Immortal] will live on. Per aspera ad astra, [Immortal]....

March of  2009, the clan .:]Infinite[:. had a feud and split back into [Immortal] and TKF. However it was not the same [Immortal]. Almost all the old members have left. The great leader, Zephyron, decided not to rejoin [Immortal]. In about a week, Ciyrus, another great leader, announced he would be leaving. About a week after that, Hylian, the founder of [Immortal] announced his departure from the clan. [Immortal] was left leaderless with only about 16 members. Before Hylian left, he pointed to Cyberman, he should be the next leader. The clans members waited for Cyberman to speak up but after about a week Ciyrus left a message saying that Cyberman could not and would not take the position. As a result the remaining members themselfs chose a new leader. Skywalker, one of the oldest remainning members, became that new leader. He then in turn chose Roran (D4v3) as the second leader an together they chose Hydra as the third. The new leaders now had their path cut out for them. Never before had leaders been chosen by the members and never before had there been three new leaders at the same time. Rebuilding [Immortal] to what it once was won't be an esay task.

Then on July,30th 2009 Immortal had to find someone to replace D4v3; he left the clan completly the day before. So Skywalker and Hydra decided to make Eagle as replacement for D4v3 the new Leader. But not only Eagle got a Leader today, Thunder was decided as Leader, too. Eagle, Skywalker and Hydra talked about making him to the 4th Leader; Skywalker and Hydra werent happy at the first time , but later they liked the idea of getting a 4th Leader. So now Immortal has 4 Leaders likein an old tradition and we all hope that for next years none of these great Leaders will leave the clan or give up his Leader. And that new decision of 4 Leader will hopefully makeImmortal more famous and popular.

However, the decision of 4 leaders did not go well with the members of the clan. They insisted that 4 leaders were not necessary. This bickering lasted many days. Finally, Hydra decided to step down, but changed his mind after some support from others. Then, Eagle and Thunder left the clan. Luckily, they rejoined shortly afterwards, but they still stepped down from their leader positions. Then, finally, there was some good news. Broesel rejoined us, and shortly after Ciyrus rejoined and took up his position as leader. Then Hylian announced he would be returning. Immortal now has 2 of its original leaders. This will hopefully cause Immortal to grow even more, at even quicker speeds.

Broesel speaking now;). The last update of the history was like 1,5 years ago, so forgive me if i forget some details and facts.
Ciyrus and Hyli did not become active and unfortunatly did not lead the clan. Instead Zarock was decided to be new leader of us. Already during this era the activity and dedication of the council, which we decided to give more importance and power, faded. Same happened to Lord Skywalker. Yes, on some points during this age, immortal was close to be disbanned. But there was always some hope, will and faith to believe in and to continue.
Somewhen {Mg-12} joined [immortal] as division, however we made mistakes; the integration almost completely failed. And Slaughter is today the only remaining member of this merging. Nowadays the last sign of {Mg-12} is the memorial page we established on our website to remember them.
During one of the disban debates, Crazzyhorse satisfied the community with his shout about the old ideas and ideals and so was made third leader (inofficial he was the second leader because of sky being inactive). The two leaders, supported by the membership, were able to scope with every challange we had to face and also introduced some changes. The most significant one was probably our esl-team (we pwned:D). And then there was the time, when I again became inactive. I still had been on the inactive memberslist when I returned, just in time for again a new change: Crazzy stepped down as a leader due to his own inactivity for the clan. Who should follow?
The only serious choice was slaughter. He had already shown great dedication towards [Immortal] since he joined and after releasing him from doubts, he became the next leader next to Zarock.
So this is the point were I pretty much arrived at the present, so I´m almost done here now. I lastly wish to say that [immortal] always has been shaped by their leaders. And since it seems like this clan is immortal until here, I do not want this to be forgotten: [Immortal]´s heart are the values and spirit, the ideals and ideas, the dreams and hopes which the founders seeked. This is to be found within the community, the membership. Noone will be able to recreate the same immortal as we have seen it lead by hyli, ciy, zeph or by dave, hydra and sky and we shouldnt try to. But remember the heart, and if it keeps beating, we will be one and infinite; we will be [Immortal]. Wambo.
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